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SENG 5115: Graphical User Interface Design and Evaluation

This class covers the theory, design, and evaluation process for interactive application interfaces. The course is built around a design and evaluation project that is completed in groups. Topics include: human capabilities and limitations, the interface design and engineering process, prototyping, and interface evaluation. As time permits, we’ll cover topics such as ubiquitous and wearable computing, social computing, games, etc.

This course does not focus on UI toolkits or constructing user interfaces using those toolkits. It does not include implementation of a user interface.

The class format is lecture, in-class individual and group activities, and discussion. Class participation is expected. Thoughtful questions are as important as answers.

All students must complete a group project. The project, described in detail in a separate handout, involves the design and evaluation of an interactive user interface. Students must work in groups (typically five students per group) on the project. Groups will need to meet outside of class, as well as in class, to complete the project. Groups will present the course projects at the end of the course. (2 credits)

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SENG 5115
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Graphical User Interface Design and Evaluation
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