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SENG Topics: Mobile Application Development

This elective will be based around a mobile development project and will require programming. Students will be asked to choose a mobile platform and work through an application throughout the semester. The mobile application project will completed individually or in teams of two. Students can select their own application (of appropriate scope) or work through a project proposed by the instructors.

The progression of the students’ project will follow the lecture topics of the week, including programming time in class. Class time will be divided between 50% lecture and 50% programming time, where the instructors will be available to offer help and suggestions for the project.

We will work through a typical iterative project lifecycle, with the primary focus being challenges with the mobile platforms. While we will focus on a few of the currently popular mobile platforms, the student can choose the platform of their preference to develop on. Please note that iOS development requires a Mac OSX computer.

Some example topics for the project include:

  • Mobile application planning
  • User interface design for a smartphone screen
  • Making user interfaces flexible for phone and tablet screens
  • Memory usage
  • Connecting to web services and online databases
  • Using local databases within the application
  • Testing a mobile application
  • Iterative development in the mobile environment

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SENG Topics
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Mobile Application Development
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