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SENG 5851: Software Project Management

This course covers the core processes, tools, techniques and fundamentals of project management. The class covers both traditional and Agile project management methodology. At the end of the class, you will understand pros and cons of both methodologies and will know how to apply the appropriate methodology to a given situation.

In the traditional portion of the class, we will focus on the five processes of project management. We will learn key tools such as work breakdown structures, network diagrams, calculating critical paths and tools associated with risk management. We will also explore the leadership aspects of project management.

In the Agile portion of the class, we will start with learning the principles and fundamental concepts that drive Agile. You will go through a series of hands-on class exercises that will help you learn how to apply the agile mindset to product definition, project estimation, planning, tracking, and incremental development. (3 Credits)
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SENG 5851
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Software Project Management
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