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Master of Science in Software Engineering

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Alumni Stories

Tao He

Current Job:
Enterprise Software Architect
Vertex Inc.

Tao He’s Story:
With its emphasis on practical issues, its flexible schedule, and its outstanding teaching staff, the software engineering program was just what Tao He wanted in a master’s program.

“The education in software engineering has helped me move in my career from a molecular biology scientist, to a programmer, to an Enterprise Software Architect. The experiences I gained from the program can apply to the job right away. The teamwork experiences in the classes are truly valuable.

“What I have learned from the outstanding teaching staff and diversified classmates prepared me to solve the real problems in software development process.

“I strongly recommend this program to all software professionals. It will help you to establish a solid foundation of theoretical skills and problem–solving ability in software development.”

Mike Calvo

Current Job:
Senior Software Engineer

Mike Calvo’s Story:
Mike Calvo enjoyed the program so much that he returned to teach a course on graphical user interfaces. He emphasizes hands–on learning in helping students gain a high–level understanding of what it really takes to build a user interface.

He applied what he learned in the program immediately. The degree succeeds in increasing the professional flexibility of its graduates, he said.

“Going through the program exposed me to different types of work and the different types of skills that it takes to be a complete engineer. It really added to my understanding of software development and the software development process.”