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Application Procedure


There are two parts to the application process: (1) complete the Graduate School Application and (2) complete the MSSE Online Application. Both applications are completed entirely online. You may start the Graduate School Application, save it, and return to it at a later time. (When you begin the MSSE Online Application, #2, you must complete it and submit it in one session).

Application Materials

In order to apply, you need the following documentation and information.

  1. A statement of purpose: Your statement of purpose should be limited to one page, explaining your immediate and long-range occupational objectives in relation to software engineering, being specific about your particular areas of interest. Please describe your current job responsibilities, career goals, and how these fit into the MSSE program. Also include your professional experiences with software engineering. If there are any factors that have influenced your grade point average or your test scores, for example, if your educational background has generally been disadvantaged or you have a disability that has affected your performance, and you would like these factors to be considered when your application is reviewed, please explain these circumstances fully. Give titles of any articles or other publications and of any research, inventions, or other creative work that you have done.
  2. A CV or Resume: Your CV or resume should include your educational background and degrees, professional experience, any teaching or research experience, a list of papers or publications (URLs included), computer languages in which you are proficient and any other information that will advance your application.

  3. Transcripts

  4. Names and email addresses for 2 recommenders: One (1) recommender should be from someone at your company who is familiar with your work experience and performance. One (1) may be from a current or former professor. (Submit a second professional recommendation if more applicable than a former professor).

    Do NOT include recommenders in the application to the graduate school. Only enter recommender info when you complete your MSSE online application (the application system will automatically send email the recommenders you provided. In the email, the recommender will be provided a URL specific to your application where they may complete a questionnaire about your abilities and upload a letter written on your behalf).

  5. Graduate School Application Fee: The application fees are $75 for U.S. and $95 for International applicants. The application fee cannot be waived and your application cannot be submitted without payment. The Graduate School now requires that applicants complete their application for admission online with payments by credit card.

  6. For international students, official TOEFL scores

  7. A single PDF file containing (1), (2), and (3): PDF is preferred although a plain-text file is acceptable. There are many free applications that allow you to create PDF files. Wikipedia provides a useful list of programs that create pdf files.

How To apply (Parts 1 and 2)

  1. The Graduate School process involves completion of the Graduate School Application with payment to cover the application fee. The application fees are $75 for U.S. and $95 for International applicants. For the Graduate School Application, you must:
    1. Indicate the appropriate program code of the major and degree for which you are applying. The code for the MSSE program is

      MSSE Program Code: 104838108

    2. Upload unofficial transcripts directly to your Apply Yourself per the instructions for submitting your application to the graduate school. Official transcripts will be required if you are admitted and wish to attend our program. No hard copies should be faxed or mailed as this will significantly delay the processing of your application.
    3. Send official TOEFL scores (international students only) to the graduate school. Indicate the U of M Institutional code, which is

      TOEFL Institution Code: 6874

    4. Submit a personal statement. Use the same "statement of purpose" that you will submit with your MSSE Online Application, and you may use the same document for all questions. (Do not submit recommender information; save for the MSSE Online Application).

    *NOTE: If submitting your application after June 15, you will only be able to select the Spring Semester term of entry. However, if you are admitted into the program, we will change your term of entry to Fall Semester.
  2. The MSSE Online Application must be completed in a single session. You will not be able to start your application and then return to make further edits as you can for the Graduate School Application. For the MSSE Online Application, you must:
    1. Include your 7-digit Graduate School Application number (Apply Yourself ID). After you submit your application to the Graduate school, you should print a copy of your submission. The Apply Yourself ID can be found at the top of this print out.

    2. Upload the single PDF or plain text file (application materials (7))

    3. Provide the names and email addresses of two (2) people who will recommend you for the MSSE program (application materials (4)).