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SENG 5199: SENG Topics: Cloud Computing - Leading Technical Change

By now, just about every organization has at least a phalanx or two in the “Cloud” and it is, understandably changing the way we architect our systems. But there is a lot of confusion around cloud native, 12 factors, modular monoliths, serverless...what about on prem vs. public cloud? How does a busy technologist make sense of it all? Despite what you may have read on the Internet, there still are no silver bullets - just a set of tools that we need to apply at the right time in the right place.

Using cloud computing as a lens, this class will explore the broader impact of technology change. We'll talk about how a technology radar can help you stay marketable (and enjoying your career) and how we can use the same technique to help our companies keep abreast of important changes in the technology landscape. Of course it isn't enough to just be aware, we have to drive change - but how? This class will consider ways we can influence others and lead change in our organizations. In other words, this class is about your post MSSE life, how to you take your education and apply it to your daily job.

Expected Topics:

  • Docker
  • Kubernetes
  • Google Kubernetes Engine, Amazon EKS, Amazon Fargate
  • Platforms as a service
  • Cloud Foundry
  • Functions as a service
  • riff
  • Amazon Lambda, Google Cloud Functions, Azure Functions

Course Format

The course will be largely discussion based. Through hands on assignments, papers and presentations, we will explore the current cloud landscape. Using sample applications, we'll see what it takes to get them running in the various cloud options available today. There will be no tests.

This course will involve books and various online resources. Students will be expected to critically examine the technologies presented in class and be active participants in class discussions

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SENG 5199
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SENG Topics: Cloud Computing - Leading Technical Change
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