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Microservices Architecture in the Start-up Community - The Practical Guide

Date of Event: 
Saturday, September 28, 2019 - 8:00am to 11:15am
3-230 Keller Hall
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Title: Microservices Architecture in the Start-up Community - The Practical Guide

Speaker: David Ward

Presented by the University of Minnesota Software Engineering Center

Abstract: Microservices architecture has taken over as a replacement to traditional monolithic system approach, however, this new approach brings up great design challenges. Data isolation, large complex data graph queries, and DevOps and CI/CD include some of those new challenges. Learn how practical approaches to a good microservices design can save time and money on your next large scale project. In addition, get a side look at the pros and cons of working for a start-up company as well as how start-ups approach development.

Bio:David Ward's career as a software developer and technologist covers over 20 years in the industry. His technology experience spans the entire Microsoft Stack as well as Google's Angular framework, NodeJS, and AWS Cloud Platform. He has recently worked as an Engagement Lead, Enterprise Software Architect, and CTO. His career includes leading development teams in one of the first Airline Pilot Electronic Flight Bag, an iPad Self Service Kiosk rental unit, as well as bi-directional text messaging notification system. His recent work has brought him into Microservices architecture and re-platforming many enterprise level systems to the cloud. His technology includes API development (using REST/WebAPIs), SPA (Single Page Applications) development and architecture, Cloud Infrastructure, and No SQL storage around Big Data.

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