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Why an MSSE Degree?

Jason Nikolai - Alumni Story

MSSE Grad:

Current Job:
Customer Environment Test Team Lead
IBM Corporation

Jason’s Story:
“I joined IBM Global Services in 1998 with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from the University of Wisconsin – Eau Claire. My role when I started at IBM was a multidimensional database consultant. After a couple of years, I changed roles and became an eCommerce consultant within IBM Global Services. While working at IBM, in 2000, I started taking courses in the MSSE program. During the final semester of the MSSE... More

Advance your career with a Master of Science in Software Engineering degree. MSSE is a full-time, 2-year Master's program with a 95% graduation rate and is designed for working professionals who want to be leaders in Software Engineering.

MSSE Prospective Student Brochure for 2018

The need is clear

Software is the engine of disruption in today's economy. From Amazon's re-shaping of the retail industry to the wholesale reinvention of insurance, travel, publishing, manufacturing, and other industries, software and information technolog is now a critical, if not the critical tool, for business growth.

Often, in the workplace, that's what is needed of an engineer; good professional judgement; to assess a request and judge whether it makes sense. 'Is the request reasonable?' 'Given the constraints of my organization, can something be produced that will be acceptable to the users?' 'Do we understand the risks?' 'If yes, how could a solution be structured?' 'After all is said and done, is it a good solution?' 'Why?'

Theory and practice

The MSSE program builds these thinking skills through a solid understanding of theoretical methods, principles, and tools and an examination of fundamental software development issues and processes. Topics include requirements engineering, project management, quality assurance, and database management systems.

Acclaimed faculty with both academic and industry backgrounds provide practical perspective. Real-world problems and opportunities with software intensive systems are explored, and methods to evaluate, adopt, and take advantage of emerging technologies are learned.

MSSE students will also be working closely with fellow software professionals, completing applicable class assignments within teams. Working relationships developed will be a significant resource throughout one's career.